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The Kaiser is Dead, Long Live Choupette!

The t-shirt “The Kaiser is Dead, Long Live Choupette!” is a humorous tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

Madrid, February 25, 2019. The fashion brand Ironic Lux just launched onto the market the t-shirt “The Kaiser is Dead, Long Live Choupette!,” a humorous tribute to German designer Karl Lagerfeld. “The idea of this t-shirt is to be faithful to the will of Lagerfeld who left instructions to avoid tear-jerking, grandiloquent tributes,” points out Nahia del Valle, Ironic Lux director and t-shirt creator.

This t-shirt has been created by Ironic Lux, a more than one-year old t-shirt brand, headquartered in Madrid, Spain. It is an online trademark with customers all over the world and a brand that was born with the intention of bringing irony and humor to the world of fashion. Its creator, Nahia del Valle, is a recognized Instagram “influencer” (@ironic_girl) with an account that exceeds 24,000 followers.


“The notion that Lagerfeld affirmed that he didn’t want tear-jerking, grandiloquent tributes is very interesting to me. Nevertheless, nobody doubts that the fashion world will want to honor him with great tributes,” notes del Valle. “Therefore, I took on the challenge of making him a humorous tribute that was faithful to his wishes,” she adds

“The relationship with his cat Choupette always seemed funny to me. In fact, she and the designer have served as an inspiration for the products and marketing campaigns of Karl, his personal brand. The fact that he has bequeathed his personal fortune to her is going to open up a very interesting debate from a legal perspective, since neither French or German legislation allows for the donation of assets to animals,” asserts the Ironic Lux director.

“Therefore, I think that making Choupette the main character of this t-shirt is something that Karl would have found amusing, since he always acknowledged being in love with her. So, I believe that Karl Lagerfeld would agree with me in acclaiming ‘Long Live Choupette!’,” Nahia del Valle says.

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