Nahia del Valle, designer of the collection

Nahia del Valle, designer of the collection


Coco Chanel talking on a cell phone or going topless?

The T-shirt collection "Coco Today" presents Coco Chanel doing modern things

The T-shirt collection "Coco Today" presents Coco Chanel doing modern things, things she wouldn't have been able to do in her time. This collection, therefore, has T-shirts with illustrations of Coco Chanel  going topless, talking on a cell phone, listening to music with headphones, taking a selfie, sporting tattoos, or DJing.

This collection was created by Ironic Lux, a T-shirt brand founded over a year ago. Headquartered in Madrid (Spain), it is an online business with customers all over the world. It is a brand created with the intention to bring irony and humor to the fashion industry. Its creative director, Nahia del Valle, is a recognized influencer on Instagram whose account (@ironic__girl) has over 20,000 followers.

Reclaiming Coco

"The purpose of this collection is to reclaim Coco Chanel in a fun way," explains Nahia del Valle, creative director of Ironic Lux. "Thanks to social media, the figure of Coco Chanel is more alive than ever. Her quotes are everywhere, and they're the ones that are most used on Instagram profiles. We're witnessing a revival of her figure, which seems like a great idea to me," she adds.

"With this collection, we wanted to add our two cents to the reclaiming of Coco Chanel as a fashion icon and help make her figure popular among the new generations," she continues. "I think seeing Coco Chanel doing modern things makes for a refreshing, modern, and different image of the celebrity," Valle concludes.


The "Coco Today" collection has an innovative marketing campaign. The illustrations printed on the T-shirts come to life in funny videos, where you can see Coco Chanel singing, listening to music, or talking on a cell phone.

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Created by:
Ironic Lux
Calle Moreto nº7, 5º Dcha. | 28014 Madrid

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Alex Lamikiz
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