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Cubism and Fashion

A T-shirt collection presents Cubist portraits of fashion icons such as Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, and Karl Lagerfeld

The brand Ironic Lux has just introduced the T-shirt collection "Cubism and Fashion" The offer consists of a line of T-shirts with Cubist portraits of great fashion icons such as Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Moss, Yves Saint Laurent, Naomi Campbell, and Audrey Hepburn

"The relationship between Cubism and fashion has always been very close. Influenced by this movement, Coco Chanel dared to decrease the volume and pompousness of 19th-century fashion, setting a precedent for everything that has followed," explains Nahia del Valle, the creator of this collection.

Yves Saint Laurent

"Besides being one of my favorite designers, Yves Saint Laurent dedicated an entire collection in 1988 to Cubism inspired by Picasso and Georges Braque," she adds. "And in 1999, the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) dedicated an exhibition and the well-known Met Gala to this theme," explains Nahia del Valle.

"That's why it seemed like a very interesting idea to represent fashion icons with a cubist aesthetic. I also think that Cubist style fits perfectly with the design of a T-shirt," concludes the Ironic Lux Creative Director.

Ironic Lux is a clothing brand founded over a year ago. Headquartered in Madrid (Spain), it is an online business with customers all over the world. It is a brand created with the intention to bring irony and humor to the fashion industry. Its creative director, Nahia del Valle, is a recognized influencer on Instagram whose account (@ironic__girl) has over 20,000 followers.

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